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Name: Koujin TAKEDA

Affiliation: Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering, College of Engineering, Ibaraki University

Status: Associate Professor

Office: Room 302 on 3rd floor (American numbering), E2 building, Hitachi Campus (College of Engineering)

Postal Address: 4-12-1, Nakanarusawa Hitachi, 316-8511 Ibaraki, Japan

Electric Address: koujin.takeda.kt(at)vc.ibaraki.ac.jp

Tel: 0294-38-5325 (domestic) | 5325 (extension)

Fax: N/A

Title: Doctor of Science (Dept. of Physics, the University of Tokyo)

Career: Postdoc@ICRR in the Univ. of Tokyo, Postdoc@Dept. of Physics in Tokyo Tech., Assistant Professor@Dept. of Computer Intelligence and Systems Science in Tokyo Tech.

Research Field and Interest:
* Disordered system in physics (spin glass, Anderson localization, quantum spin system with randomness)
* Information theory (error correcting code, telecommunication system including CDMA and MIMO, compressed sensing)
* Techniques for treating disordered systems (replica trick, mean field theory for random system, duality, supersymmetry, random matrix, etc.)
* Statistical physics
* Field theory

[Publication List]

Recent Papers:
* K. Takeda, Y. Kabashima, "Reconstruction algorithm in compressed sensing based on maximum a posteriori estimation"
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 473 (2013) 012003 / preprint: arXiv:1311.0095 (cs.IT)
* A.C.C.Coolen, K. Takeda, "Transfer operator analysis of the parallel dynamics of disordered Ising chains"
Philosophical Magazine 92 (2012) 64 / preprint: arXiv:1103.5595 (cond-mat)
* K. Takeda, Y. Kabashima, "Statistical Mechanical Assessment of a Reconstruction Limit of Compressed Sensing: Toward Theoretical Analysis of Correlated Signals"
Europhysics Letters 95 (2011) 18006 / preprint: arXiv:1008.5274 (cs.IT)

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